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Nuclear Science Symposium
Medical Imaging Conference

Lyon, France
15-20, 2000

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Important note to all Authors and Presenters

Please check your session

Several sessions have been modified after the mailing of the confirmation letters:
- redistribution of papers in oral and poster sessions
- splitting of poster sessions
- new names given to oral and poster sessions
The information on the session given in the confirmation letter may be obsolete.

Please check the correct session for your paper in the
'Program of NSS-MIC sessions'


General rules for paper presentation

Last update October 3rd (publications)

If your paper has been accepted for oral or poster presentation, please refer
to the appropriate presentation specifications:

- Oral Presentations

- Poster Presentations

Apart from a presentation at the Conference, your paper is entitled to
publication in:

- the Conference Proceedings, if all 3 of the following conditions are fulfilled:

* the paper has been accepted for presentation (oral or poster)
and has been presented by the person announced to the Organizing Committee,

* the text of the paper complies with the editing rules as
indicated under Publications, Conference Records

* the text of the paper is made available to the Guest Editor
the day preceeding the presentation of the paper at the latest
(see Publications for more details).

- the Transactions on Nuclear Sciences (TNS), which publish a special issue for the NSS-MIC Conference. Please see the appropriate documentation.

For both publications, a text must be prepared in addition to the material
that you have prepared for the presentation at the Conference. No copies
of overheads, transparencies or posters will be published in any form.

The preparation of the text is described in detail in Publications. Due
to very recent changes in the publication rules for TNS, we cannot, this year,
guarantee that the text prepared for the Conference Records ("Proceedings")
is reusable without modification for submission to TNS.


Oral Presentations

The session corresponding to your paper can be found in the NSS-MIC
Program by Topics
which also gives the date and time of the session
and the presentation time (including approx. 3' for discussion).
The room assigned to your oral session will be indicated in due time on
the WEB site and in the documents handed out at the Conference. Additional
information can be found in the Daily Program, Workshop  and SNPS

All rooms where Overview Talks and Oral Parallel Sessions will take place
are equipped with:
- one overhead projector and screen
- a computer driven video projector including a PC with the
latest version of MS Powerpoint.

If you intend to make a PC presentation, please contact the "technical desk"
on your arrival to register and properly organize your presentation.


Poster presentations

All posters can be left in place throughout the conference, from the morning
of Tuesday 17 October until the evening of Friday 20 October. You may not
install your poster before the morning of Tuesday 17 October.

The place where your poster will be installed will be communicated at the
Conference. Please follow exactly the instructions that you will be given,
concerning the location of your poster: we have made an effort to group the
posters by topics and, within topics, by subjects.

Specific topics will be highlighted at specific times, during the daily poster

As indicated in the timetable, each poster session is related (at least
approximately) to an oral session taking place the same day. The chairman of
the corresponding oral session will briefly advertise the poster session and,
possibly, the posters in that session.

The authors (presenters) of the posters in a poster session will be asked to be present at their poster during the session and a poster session chairman will check that it is the case. This will be a necessary condition to be fulfilled
for a paper to be accepted for publication in the Conference Records (and
presumably also for TNS).

The full area available for posters is 1.0 m X 2.0 m (vertical or "Portrait").
Usable area is 0.9 X 1.9 m2. Material to fix your texts and figures should be
sticky paste ("blue tac"). Drawing-pins are strictly forbidden.



A) Conference Records (or Proceedings)

The text of your paper will be published in the Conference Records if all 3
conditions are fulfilled:

* the paper has been accepted for presentation (oral or poster)
and has been presented by the person announce to the Organizing Committee,

* the text of the paper complies with the editing rules described in
Edition rules:  A4format, USformat. You may use the WORD versions A4format, USformat of this files as template if you use WORD.

LaTeX ConfTNS-1c manuscript formatting instructions - These formatting instructions must be strictly followed. These instructions are embedded into a properly formatted LaTeX document. Thus, the text file can be used as a template for your manuscript. These files contain examples of LaTeX not fully defined in the LaTeX style file.


Postscript figure for LaTeX ConfTNS-1c files - This postscript file contains the figure in the ConfTNS-1c document. If you want to 'practice' compiling the LaTeX ConfTNS-1c document on your LaTeX compiler, make sure that this file is in the same directory as your file to be compiled.


If you are using LaTeX to prepare your manuscript, make sure you use this file. Its name is ieee_tns.sty.


* the text of the paper is made available to the Guest Editor
the day preceeding the presentation of the paper at the latest.

Apart from these conditions, your paper will NOT be subject to further review.

The Proceedings will be published in the form of a CR-ROM. The maximum length of a paper is 5 pages. This limitation is impose by the fact that we have to provide a certain number of copies on a paper as well. If you think that this limit is too constraining in your case, please contact the Guest Editor :

Michèle ULMA

Oversized .pdf files (more than 1 MB) will be refused. In particular, figures such as scatter plots with millions of point must be avoided or converted. Downloadable fonts are not acceptable either.

The text of your paper has to be submitted to the Conference Proceedings
in the form of a .pdf file. This file may be sent to the Guest Editor by e-mail before the conference : Guestedit@hep.saclay.cea.fr   or on diskette, ZIP or CD-ROM at the Conference.

The deadline for submission of your .pdf file is THE DAY BEFORE your
presentation. It is possible to submit your file in advance. The reason for this strict deadline is that we want to check all files when you are present at the Conference and possibly to ask for your help in case of problems.

B) Publication in TNS

The Transactions on Nuclear Sciences (TNS), publish a special issue devoted
to the NSS-MIC Conference. All attendees of the Conference will receive a copy of this special issue.

It is a peer reviewed publication. To summarise, the primary conditions for
acceptance are that the paper presents new, previously unpublished, matter and results.

The editing rules and submission procedures have been updated recently. They are available from the following sources :

TNS-NSS Editor; John Valentine [ NSS.Editor@me.gatech.edu]
WEB site : http://www2.me.gatech.edu/nsseditor
TNS-MIC Editor: Ed Hoffman [ EHoffman@mednet.ucla.edu ]

WEB site : http://ejh_ieee.nuc.ucla.edu

An overview of the rules to format and submit a paper is given in the article "Preparation of Manuscrits for the 2000 Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference" as a downloadable .pdf file and as a Word file that can be used as a template.

Manuscripts presented in :

Fundamental Technologies
NSS Instrumentation
DAQ2000 Workshop
Basic Science and Entrepreneurship

Should be submitted to the NSS-TNS Conference Editor, manuscripts presented in :

MIC Insrtumentation Systems and Medical Imaging Techniques
Workshop on Advances in Electronic Portal Imaging
Workshop on Clinical impact of Intraoperative Probes ...

Should be submitted to the NSS-MIC Conference Editor.
Exceptions will be granted only to those authors who get approval from both editors or are notified by one of the editors.