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Nuclear Science Symposium
Medical Imaging Conference

Lyon, France
15-20, 2000

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Program for SNPS

(Sessions on Nuclear Power Systems)
Wednesday 18 October, 9:00 - 13:00


Advanced Digital Signal Processing Technique for Neutron Flux Measurement in a Nuclear Power Plant.
JC.Trama, P.Aussignac, J.Falaise, J.Lefèvre, B.Lescop, T.Nguyen, P.Pasdeloup, C.Sudres
Presented by: Jean-Christophe Trama, CEA Saclay, France


212 Numerical Model of MIT Research Reactor
John A. Bernard and Lin-Wen Hu
Presented by: John A. Bernard, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, MIT, USA


901 Consequences of Lightning Strikes on Nuclear Power Generating Stations
Presented by: Narinder K. Trehan, US NRC, Rockville MD, USA


428 Digital System of Checking a Distribution of Fission Products in Fuel Assembly VVER in Real time during an Overload.
Maslov O., Galchenkov O., Suharev K., Oleynik S.
Presented by: Oleg Maslov, Odessa State Polytechnic University, Ukrainia


820 Generic Qualification of the Triconex TRICON Fault Tolerant PLC-based Platform for Safety-Related Applications
Presented by: J. Troy Martel, Triconex Corp., Irvine, CA, USA


121 Floating Monitoring Station for Measurement of Radionuclides Volumetric Activity in Water Reservoirs
V.Gostilo, A.Sokolov , S.Danengirsh, V.Kondrashov, A.Loupilov, V.Fedotenkov, A.Pchelintsev, S.N.Nekrestjanov, V.F.Kireyev,
O.Y.Pichteyev, V.P.Ivanov, D.V.Likov

Presented by: Vladimir Gostilo, Baltic Scientific Instruments, Riga, Lithuania


163 Tomoraphy applied to the Detection of Actinides by Photofission
Saurel Nicolas, Capdevila Jean-Marc & al
Presented by: Nicolas Saurel, CEA Saclay, France


237 Beam Dump for High Current Electron Beam at JNC
Hayanori Takei and Yasushi Takeda*
*Guest Scientist from Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

Presented by: Hayanori Takei, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute, Ibaraki-ken, Japan