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Nuclear Science Symposium
Medical Imaging Conference

Lyon, France
15-20, 2000

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First Bulletin and Invitation for Contributions for the

"WORKSHOP on Network-Based Data Acquisition and
Event-Building, DAQ 2000"

Friday 20th October 2000


After the successful workshops held on Networked Data Acquisition Systems at Fermilab (US) in 1994 and in Osaka (Japan) in 1996 it was felt that a third workshop in 2000 would be useful. This specially in view of the fact that the experimental collaborations preparing for the startup of the LHC accelerator at CERN in 2005 will, in the course of the next 18 to 24 month, have to make technological decision concerning their DAQ and event-building systems.
The idea of the workshop, to be held in October 2000 in Lyon (France), is to get an overview of the experience of currently running experiments with network based DAQ systems and of the understanding of the LHC collaborations concerning their DAQ and Event-Building systems.

Workshop Format

The workshop will be held on 20 October 2000 in Lyon (France) in the framework of the IEEE 2000 Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC), Lyon, 15-20 October 2000. It will be a one-day event with presentations and discussions.

Presentations and Abstracts

Abstracts for presentations should describe the contents of the presentation and the context in which the work was done. The emphasis of the presentations should lie in the area of using networks for data acquisition and event-building. Crate-based DAQ systems are of less interest for this workshop. Normal presentations will have a length of 30 minutes (including 5 minutes discussion). Certain "summary" presentations will have more time allocated.
The schedule foreseen is as follows

Deadline for Abstracts: Friday June 16, 2000
Author Notification: Friday July 14, 2000

Abstracts should be submitted using the Abstract submission scheme of the NSS-MIC Conference available from the conference WEB site: , selecting 'ABSTRACTS'. The complete 'Summary' document is not mandatory for contributions to the DAQ 2000 workshop, however the first page of this document, as described in the submission procedure, must be provided.


Since the workshop will be held in the context of the NSS-MIC 2000 Conference, there will only be a scientific organizing committee consisting of the following people

Sergio CITTOLIN (CERN, Geneva)
Jean-Pierre DUFEY (CERN, Geneva)
Beat JOST (Cern, Geneva, Chair)
Masaharu NOMACHI (RCNP, Osaka)
Gordon WATTS (UW, Seattle)
Fred J. WICKENS (RAL, Oxford)
Pierre Vande VYVRE (Cern, Geneva)

Program :

Time Title Authors Speakers
09:00 Introductory Remarks   TBS
09:05 LHC Experiments Requirementsand Concepts    
09:05 Alice   Roberto Divia
09:40 Atlas   Hans-Peter Beck
10:15 COFFEE  
10:40 CMS   Frans Meijers
11:15 LHCb   Beat Jost
11:50 Invited Talks    
11:50 IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, current status and future prospects at the LHC R.W. Dobinson, M.J.LeVine Micheal LeVine
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 Topical Talks    
14:00 The Implementation of the STAR Data Acquisition System using a Myrinet Network C. Adler, J. M. Landgraf, J. S. Lange, M. J. LeVine, A. Ljubicic, Jr., J. M . Nelson, M. W. Schulz Jeffery Landgraf
14:25 Farming in the Hera-B Experiment Hera-B collaboration, Germany Jose Hernandez
14:50 Design and Performance of the DZero Data Acquisition System/ Control of large scale distributed DAQ/trigger systems in the networked PC era Brunett, G. Briskin, M. Clements, D. Cutts, C. Johnson, A. Karachintsev, K. Kazkaz, S. Mattingly, G. Watts, R. Zeller Sean Mattingly / Gordon Watts
15:15 Studies of ATM for the ATLAS High Level Triggers Bystricky, D.Calvet, M.Huet, P. Le Du, I.Mandjavidze Denis Calvet
15:50 Quality of Service on Gigabit Ethernet for Event Builder Y.Yasu, Y.Nagasaka, Y.Hasegawa, A.Manabe, M.Nomachi, H.Fujii, Y.Watase Yoshiji Yasu
16:15 COFFEE    
16:45 Characterizing Ethernet Switches for Use in ATLAS Trigger/DAQ / Modeling the Atlas Second Level Trigger Ethernet Network Using Parameterized Switches. R.W. Dobinson, E. Knezo, M.J. LeVine, J. Lokier, B. Martin, C. Meirosu, F. Saka, K. Vella Micheal LeVine / Krzysztof Korcyl
17:20 Event building in an intelligent Network Interface Card and simulation of a Gigabit Ethernet readout network for LHCb J.-P. Dufey, B. Jost, N. Neufeld, M. Zuin Niko Neufeld
17:45 Discussion/Conclusion    
18:00 END