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Nuclear Science Symposium
Medical Imaging Conference

Lyon, France
15-20, 2000

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CEA/LETI and ESRF visit

Grenoble is a major European Center in the domain of electronics, information and communication technologies (more than 23 000 jobs) and research (17000 people). It contains also 55 000 students in 4 universities.

The visit which is scheduled the 20th afternoon will concern two significant actors in this area:

  • The Commissariat l'Energie Atomique (CEA, centre de Grenoble) with a focus on the Laboratoire d'Electronique, de Technologie et d'Instrumentation : LETI (see ). It is one of the largest applied research laboratories in electronics in Europe: microelectronics, microtechnologies and microsystems, optronics, computer technology, instrumentation and systems.
  • The European Radiation Synchrotron Facility (ESRF): operating a powerful source of light in the X-ray range, the ESRF is a large experimental facility for basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, materials and life sciences. (see )


13:30 arrival from LYON
14:00-15:00 formal presentation of CEA and ESRF
15:00-16:30 visits of CEA/LETI and ESRF in two groups
16:30-17:00 refreshments
17:00 departure to LYON