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Nuclear Science Symposium
Medical Imaging Conference

Lyon, France
15-20, 2000

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Download daily program

Timetable for NSS and MIC Sessions

The program of the NSS and MIC sessions is presented here day by day :

Sunday 15 October 2000
Monday 16 October 2000
Tuesday 17 October 2000
Wednesday 18 October 2000
Thursday 19 October 2000
Friday 20 October 2000

Overview Talks: Given the large number of parallel sessions, it would be difficult for participants to gain an overview of more than one topic. To address this problem, we have organized a number of overview talks to be given in twice-daily sessions throughout the week. They are aimed at providing participants with an up-to-date review of developments in important NSS and MIC subjects.

We have invited world-leading authorities as speakers, and emphasized that they will be talking to an audience with varied scientific backgrounds.
All our eminent speakers are enthusiastic about presenting their subject to such an audience, and discussing the inter-disciplinary significance of their field.

Poster sessions have the following characteristics and requirements:

  • All posters can be in position throughout the conference. In addition, specific times, during the daily poster sessions.
  • as indicated in the timetable, each poster session is related (at least approximately) to an oral session taking place the same day,
  • the chairman of the corresponding oral session will briefly advertise the poster session and, possibly, the posters in that session
  • the authors (presenters) of the posters will be asked to present at their poster during the poster session and a poster session chairman will check that it is the case. This will be a necessary condition to be fulfilled by a paper to be accepted for publication in the Conference Records (and presumably also for TNS).